Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can't WAIT to get my hands on THIS book

Okay, so I'm lurking around (Ahem...following) Ms. Santiago and her kick-ass ABRAXAS series. I am totally hooked. One thing I like is that she offers free chapter downloads for the more impatient folks, like myself, lol. and I happened to discover she has a 'Halloween' book coming out that will revolve around the Abraxas 'clansters', mainly Jonathan, who's severely piqued my interest from the chapter download I got. All I can say is, he's a WEIRD kid, lol!! I LOVE the in-your-face style she has, and how fast paced and exciting things go. The download alone was a severe TEASER!!! And the book trailer was so cool!

However, I'm still trying to wait patiently for book 4 in her ABRAXAS series, "Seeing Green", and hopefully some of the mysteries in this series will be unraveled a bit more in this volume.

You HAVE to check her stuff out at You WON'T be disappointed if you love the dark, gothy stuff.....


  1. Hey I added you blog to my book reviews links. I have only read the first in the Abraxis series and it was very good. When I finish the 16 or so books I have already bought I will be looking into purchasing more. If you can't tell from my side I am addicted to the supernatural and paranormal fiction out there.

  2. It wouldn't let me comment with my other account here is my blog