Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Now this was a fun entertaining read! Roads to Ruin is a short story collection, dotted with poems and pics, all relating somehow to traveling on the road. "Round and Round" is a story of an adulterous man having to repeat getting in an accident over and over and over (in his mad dash to get away from the woman's husband, this is his personal hell!), "Ruin" tells about a traveler who wanders into a witch's house, that in actuality doesn't exist, and "Nothing There" tells a story of a paranoid mother who takes REALLY extreme measures to make sure her daughter remains 'pure' when she goes out on a date with her boyfriend, and "Watch for The Exit" is a hilarious story of a group of friends on a road trip that goes TERRIBLY WRONG when they're followed by a cop with no face...and "D-Tour" is about a disgruntled family on the road, forced to take a detour that becomes oddly...diabolical. I LOVED this collection, and I hope Mr. Neumister comes out with more. GETS A 4 1/2!!! (this review also appears at the book's buy page, HERE)

BOOK REVIEW: ABRAXAS: Seeing Green, Book 4 by Cinsearae Santiago

Ms. Cinsearae does it again! Wow...freaky and creepy. What can I say? Demonic possession is the focus in this installment, as Ryan's covetousness over Christine makes him vulnerable to invasion by a demon of jealousy. (We start seeing hints of it in "Affaires de Coeur" from the last book) Afterward, matters get more pressing as the demon needs to be exorcised before it becomes a more permanent fixture by killing Ryan's soul--and Christine's!--in order to have a chance at gaining Abraxas' powers. The seductiveness of this demon in disguise is so unnerving and eerie, and Christine is sooo conflicted, i felt so bad for her!--I couldn't put this down yet again. I was however, disappointed to see that Edward's out of the picture for now, and I hope he won't be gone from the series entirely. But I am growing fond of 'Jonathan'--he seems like a weird, quirky kid, (especially after checking out another sneak peek from an upcoming Halloween book in this series!) alas, as always, we're left on another cliffhanger, and I REALLY can't wait to see what happens in the next book!!! KUDOS, AND GETS A 5!!! (this review also appears at the books buy page, HERE

Saturday, June 6, 2009


This short story was adorable! Typical goth chick (and witch) Wendy stoke gets dumped by her boyfriend just days before the junior prom. Her fave hangout is the local cemetery, where she enjoys eating her Ben & Jerry's icecream! She meets Matt Glascow there, a vampire which she takes to very quickly---who escorts her to the prom. It has a cute, happy ending, although I would have loved to seen this story expanded out a bit more--- I mean, the principle of her school is a werewolf! (Her vampire date encounters him for a split second, which is why the principal 'reveals' himself. After all, vamps and werewolves don't get along well and get quite irked when one steps on the other's 'territory'. ) GETS A 3 1/2! (find this at www.thewildrosepress.com)