Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Now this was a fun entertaining read! Roads to Ruin is a short story collection, dotted with poems and pics, all relating somehow to traveling on the road. "Round and Round" is a story of an adulterous man having to repeat getting in an accident over and over and over (in his mad dash to get away from the woman's husband, this is his personal hell!), "Ruin" tells about a traveler who wanders into a witch's house, that in actuality doesn't exist, and "Nothing There" tells a story of a paranoid mother who takes REALLY extreme measures to make sure her daughter remains 'pure' when she goes out on a date with her boyfriend, and "Watch for The Exit" is a hilarious story of a group of friends on a road trip that goes TERRIBLY WRONG when they're followed by a cop with no face...and "D-Tour" is about a disgruntled family on the road, forced to take a detour that becomes oddly...diabolical. I LOVED this collection, and I hope Mr. Neumister comes out with more. GETS A 4 1/2!!! (this review also appears at the book's buy page, HERE)

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