Tuesday, July 7, 2009

REVIEW: A Love Story, or Be Careful What You Wish For

WOW! Erotica and Horror, perfect!… And intricately weaved in this short story by Mistress Rae about a hooker who gets WAY more than what she bargains for when she picks up a mysterious man. They start making out behind a XXX store before they take things indoors, and that's when the real (ahem) trouble starts. (And the inside cover art is HOT and nearly 99.9% nude if you like sexy demon-men!) The hooker’s brains were in her you-know-what when she picked up this particular doozy! Steamy and lusty, you’ll get into this story quickly, until WHAM!--you’re completely gotten at the end! This was wicked, evil fun, especially if you don’t mind dark humorous twists. I for one, love them! 4 1/2 stars!! And it's only $1.00. too! Can't beat that, lol. Find it HERE
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Friday, July 3, 2009

Potter, Potter, Potter....

Okay, you guys know I'm a bit of a Potter geek, so I'm counting down the days until Half Blood Prince comes out, lol. Even still, I think I'll wait it out another week so all the other goofballs can get it out of their system, and I'll be able to watch it without other people getting on my nerves by talking, lol! And having re-read the book to refresh my memory, I'm HOPING this movie will stay close to the book, and they don't screw up the ending in some way. Trust me, you'll hear me bitch about it if they do, ROFL!!!