Tuesday, July 7, 2009

REVIEW: A Love Story, or Be Careful What You Wish For

WOW! Erotica and Horror, perfect!… And intricately weaved in this short story by Mistress Rae about a hooker who gets WAY more than what she bargains for when she picks up a mysterious man. They start making out behind a XXX store before they take things indoors, and that's when the real (ahem) trouble starts. (And the inside cover art is HOT and nearly 99.9% nude if you like sexy demon-men!) The hooker’s brains were in her you-know-what when she picked up this particular doozy! Steamy and lusty, you’ll get into this story quickly, until WHAM!--you’re completely gotten at the end! This was wicked, evil fun, especially if you don’t mind dark humorous twists. I for one, love them! 4 1/2 stars!! And it's only $1.00. too! Can't beat that, lol. Find it HERE
(this review also appears on it's "buy" page.)

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