Monday, October 12, 2009


OH MY GOD....if you're a Halloween freak, you are in for an ABSOLUTE treat with this novella! Like I mentioned in the review of the chapter sneak peek, Abraxas: The Haywire Halloween has Abraxas vampire clan member Jonathan, wanting to go out for Halloween. On their travels, he finds a skeleton key pendant that helps him unknowingly unleash his secret wish for everyday to be Halloween. That's when all hell breaks loose! Whatever people are dressed up as, they become it, and heaven help you if you're wearing a rubber mask! Everything from paper bats to rubber mice come alive, and guessed it...the dead. (Which has the same affect for folks dressed up like zombies too!) And I liked the 'nod' to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"---thanks to Kurt, who can't stand zombies whatsoever, lol. I LOVE this guy!!With Kiera's help, they soon discover a creepy little demon with goat's eyes named Ock who is the mischief maker, so the clansters set off to make things right, by getting rid of him for good.

Despite all of the chaos, all the characters bounce off each other so well, you feel like youre right there with them, witnessing the mayhem. The vivid descriptions of everything happening is just awesome, and the action is nonstop. Jonathan quickly learns to be careful of what he wants, because Ock looks for 'loopholes' in his wishes, making the wishes more wosre than what he wants--and Jonathan uses his last and final wish to end themadness, along with a banishing ritual that they all join in to get rid of him--which sounded really, really disgusting, lol.

Halloween lovers, this book is so kick ass, it's OFF my 5-star scale, lol. This is a crazy as hell horror-comedy romp you won't be disappointed with.

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