Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Dark Writers Group to Watch Out For in '09

I've been following this particular group for a little over a year now because, quite frankly, I LOVE their stuff. The group itself is a yahoo writers group started back in '04 and only recently started publishing 2 anthologies a year. They have three to date, that, if you admire gothic, atmospheric photos, love reading dark, so-creepy-it-makes-your-skin-crawl stories and poetry, then you NEED to check out the Gratista Vampire Clan. Founded by Ms. Cinsearae S., this group is THE group that's gonna go places. My fave writers in their anthologies so far are the likes of "Spider", Anton Glascow, and Camille McKeever. Ms. Cinsearae S. herself provides hauntingly beautiful photos. You can find out all about them at her website (in my fave links section!!--just look under 'Clan Anthologies') and check out their kick-ass, creepy book trailers! This is a talented bunch, and I wish them only the best.

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