Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New year, new whatever!

Online journals...who'd have thunkit? I'm still used to good old fashioned pen-and-paper--somehow it feels more secure and personal. Not knocking technology, but it's not infallible, ya know?

Okay, so this is my debut blog. Yaaayyy. Whatever. Seriously folks, everybody does this, and there's a mountain of blogs out there. One more won't seem to make or break anything. The internet, like the universe, is vast and ongoing. Limitless. Seems almost evil in a sense, lol.
I'm pretty much no frills. I'll talk about whatever I like, so be prepared. I'm candid. Speaking my mind is fun, especially when it's the truth. Most times the truth is more fun than a lie. A lot of folks try to avoid me because of that. The truth? "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

Seriously (again), I love reading, and watching movies too. I'd like this to be sort of a blog for book and movie reviews. Plus personal thoughts here and there. Hm, most blogs are like this anyway. Way to go for being creative there, Shaun, Geez. Can you tell I have dry humor? If anything, I'd love to make new friends out there in cyber-land.

As far as book reviews go, I'd like to make it a hobby. I like checking out independently published books. I post a few comments here and there on those books when I can, but I'd like to be an 'official' book reviewer, however one becomes that, lol. With that being said, if you are independently published, I'd love to check out your work, but it must be horror/paranormal or gothic in theme. Again, I don't do mainstream. I like to escape. I get enough mainstream having to deal with the world, and I can't even bear to watch tv anymore with all the reality-show bullshit on it these days.

I do have quite a few subjects I'd like to discuss, but I'll save them for another day. Schoolwork and all that. But I shall return...

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