Friday, April 30, 2010

BOOK REVIEW--Play Dead by Kody Boye

PLAY DEAD is a awesome collection of creepy short stories that will definitely hold your interest! This was also a free book provided by the author a while back, but in my opinion, he should officially have his work published with a publishing house! I love this guy--he's so straightforward and blunt and to-the-point with everything, including his life---which makes him so REAL in a world full of cookie cutter jerkoffs.

Now onto his book.

Lamia was eerie. very eerie. A guy who lost his wife meets a 'monster' on the beach one night, the lamia, and this man comes close to losing his life if not for the ghost of his dead wife!

Rage felt like a losing-all-hope-for-humanity type of situation when animals become infected with a plague that causes them to go fucking bonkers. A man and his son and a woman try to flee for their lives, and you REALLY feel for these folks and what they go through to survive.

Pig was a story that seems like it could have been a spin-off of Rage, but as a more isolated situation. A huge-ass pig in the Florida Everglades gets a taste of human flesh and becomes a man-eater, literally. For the people of the area, it becomes a case of "kill this sucker or be killed" and the pig won't give up without a fight!

Lastly we have a story of the same books title, Play Dead. A group of kids have developed some sort of sick twisted game in which they have to go out in the middle of the woods, and perform certain little 'ritualistic' acts in order to keep up their reputation of being cool, in a way, and some of the characters in this story made me want to slap the crap out of them for their typical highschoolish b.s.-- but hey, they're teens, and most teens do the typical stupid stuff. But the game starts to go pretty wrong when a demonic creature of sorts get involved and people start to die for their foolish acts.

Boye can weave tales that will pull you in and writes characters that are very believable, characters you can feel sympathy for, while wanting to absolutely kill the bad guys in the stories. I'll be looking forward to checking out more of his work. Absolutely 5 stars!

Find him at or . Actually, he's scattered all over the net, facebook, twitter, myspace and youtube, so go check him out asap!


  1. Woah. Isn't this a blast from the past, haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, despite its age. I'd LOVE to send you a copy of my short story collection once I'm getting ready to send out advanced reading copies. Are you interested?

    Get back to me, Shaun. I'm glad you mentioned me talking about my honesty. IT means a lot to know that people appreciate that.

  2. Just so you know, my email's kodyboye[at] :)

  3. By the way... a few more points, haha, then I'll shut up.

    I'm most likely going to rewrite LAMIA as a novel in the future. I definitely plan on rewriting PLAY DEAD as the novella. I also don't blog on the livejournal anymore, just my main website.